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jimlover's Last photo

jimlover said on 27/12/10 7:08 AM

How many times scammer are you going to use this woman´s photo id? All scammers get off your ass´s and get off the internet and get a real job. Do you know how to work? If you look in book stories theres books out there called dummys its yellow, Look and see if they got 1 on how to get a real JOB!

steelyman's Last photo

steelyman said on 27/12/10 7:57 AM

Hey pic of these pics of julie are getting old even the ones on all the sites you have her

DandyDonTX's Last photo

DandyDonTX said on 27/12/10 9:25 AM

Julie Julie Julie

DDon_Scam_Buster's Last photo

DDon_Scam_Buster said on 27/12/10 9:27 AM

Lying thieving simian scum added to my Favs list of Fakes! See my vids!

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