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DDon_Scam_Buster's Last photo

DDon_Scam_Buster said on 01/10/11 9:31 AM

thieving asshole

mykluv's Last photo

mykluv said on 02/10/11 4:12 AM


kiks_sweet19's Last photo

kiks_sweet19 said on 02/10/11 4:16 AM

sexy and young girl !

gicana's Last photo

gicana said on 02/10/11 7:23 AM

Lame Duck Nigerian!

kevin1123's Last photo

kevin1123 said on 03/10/11 11:39 AM

hot pic

Bevertown's Last photo

Bevertown said on 03/10/11 7:32 PM

Think of something new Don You keep repeating yourself and that shows senility lol

pailot's Last photo

pailot said on 27/12/11 1:56 AM

real nice .

lovediana200's Last photo

lovediana200 said on 18/04/12 7:58 AM

Hello, How are you today? I hope you are fine. My name is Miss Linda Desmond. I am single looking for honest and nice person. Somebody who i can make friend with. today i saw your profile and became interested in you. I don´t care about your color, ethnicity, Status or Sex. Upon your reply to this mail I will tell you more about myself and send you more of my picture. I´m sending you this beautiful mail, with a wish for much happiness.this is my email ( I am looking forward to hear from you.please contact me directly to my box i have more to tell u there.. Warm regards, Miss Linda.

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