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jennifer jones

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Remember me
28 year old, woman from United States
About Me and My Life
i babysit 2 kids with my mom and i play with my dog luckey jones
My Interests/Hobbies
i love my bike,and babysit,and fishing,and games,and more
Favourite Books
i love all books i love to read
Favourite Movies
love,funny,ansscary,and more
Favourite Music/Album/Song
i love hop hip,and rock ,and rock and roll,and some conedy,andmore
Favourite TV Shows
i love the golden girls,tv games,and new ,and a lot more
Favourite Sports
i love foot ball,and backet ball,and bace ball,and hackie to and more
Scared of
i am scared of know body loveing me i have been single for 8 years
Happiest When
add me on yahoo msn plzz