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The Sky

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Gentleheart9873 said on 18/06/13 5:11 PM

Hi there,how are you doing today i mean how is family and work hope they are all doing good,hopefully they are.I´m Donna Fazio from the USA Ann arbor Michigan,32 years of age,To me age is just a number of head what really matter´s to me is just pure heart of honest.i have gone true you profile you really sound good to me and you look so much handsome and nice looking, How long have you be on this site,Was checking somethings on here when i come across your profile,just wanna say hi to you and hope you don´t mind me.I´m a new member on this site and here is my yahoo Addy chat,,, today will be my 5th day on,i will like to get to know more about you,I´m curious to know you if you don´t mind telling me i will be looking forward to you favorable response thanks and be safe. I present the best regard towards your exiting time on earth. Donna Fazio

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khalifa44 said on 30/12/13 10:37 AM

My name is Miss aaliyah,female 24years old and am from libya,i saw your profile in this site as today is my first time here so i became more interested to know you,you can write me to my email address so that i will make an introdution of my kind person to you and also to send you my picture for you to know more about you.Here is my email address ( i have something serious and important to tell you, Have a nice day Miss aaliyah

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lovejenifer12 said on 26/01/14 10:27 AM My name is Miss jenifer,i saw your profile today and become interested to know more about you, Please i want you to send mail to my e-mail address ( so i can give you my picture and tell you more about me, Wish you the best have a nice day, thanks yours jenifer

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