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Cedar Rapids,Ia, United States


Cedar Rapids,Ia, United States

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dragonslayer15 said on 23/04/15 5:23 PM

Hi I would like to know about you please

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chukkar said on 24/04/15 12:58 PM

kumusta ka

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MrTomson said on 24/04/15 3:48 PM

Beloved,Glory to God,hear the word of God.Christ Jesus speaking,you will know the truth,and the truth will set you free.REPENT TODAY.(read-Jn-8-32...Jn-3-5-18).To know that hell await sinners and keep silent on the matter would be injustice to mankind.The world Relgions.Agree that in times of deep uncertainty and change,a great spiritual teacher may be expected.Buddhist refer to the coming of Lord maitreya,Hindus refer to the kalki avatar,and Christians to second coming of JESUS CHRIST.Christ coming is still IMMINENT-it could happen anyday.No Relgion under heaven can save, only in Christ Jesus (read-Acts 4-12..2-pet-3-1-17)).Think of it..The devil blinds peoples minds,to rob them their glory in Jesus Christ. (read-2-Corth-4-4-7).Satan has different deception prepared to reach different minds.To Buddhist and Hindus Satan rob them by telling them Christ Jesus is spiritual teacher.ARE YOU ONE OF THEM? Get out of error ,come to JESUS or you will die in horror...Satan inspires counterfeit religions and cults,confusing multitudes about the truth of gospel of Christ Jesus.Example of Mohammed and his followers,Satan rob them by telling them God has no Son.ARE YOU ONE OF THEM ?Get out of error.REPENT TODAY.Beloved,Praise the Lord,hear the word of God.Take advantage of GOD´S OFFER of salvation in Christ Jesus.The position that it is of no consequance what man believe is one of satan´s most successful deceptions.You believe that there is one God good !, even demons believe that and shudder.James 2-19.Some Cults members believes there is no God.ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?..Eternal punishment is not a pleasant subject for discussion, but you must know it.hell the destiny of all who their name is not written in the book of life.Revelation 13-8-18.9 says HE WHO HAS AN EAR LET HIM HEAR.16, says those their name is not in Christ book of life, will be forced to recieve 666 mark of satan.ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?Have you ever asked Jesus to come in to UR life?or you are not sure you are save if your answer is no.Pray this prayer with sincerity and confidence.LORD JESUS,I come to you today.I am a sinner,I can NOT help myself,forgive me my sins.cleanse me with your blood,deliver me From sin and satan,to serve the living,LORD I accept you as my LORD,And my personal savior.thank you JESUS,for saving me.There is joy in heaven over the repentance of one sinner.(read-luke-15-7-10....Rom-10-9-17)Your eternity with Christ Jesus is our concern.God is mindful of you! CHRIST´s return is imminent; Reject 666 Revelation 13:8-18: 9"He who has an ear, let him hear.Amen.REPENT TODAY.please reply or call +22891278809. I would like to pray with you and be your friend.Be blessed.Amen.

exposed's Last photo

exposed said on 24/04/15 4:59 PM

climb on this one

exposed's Last photo

exposed said on 25/04/15 9:49 AM

Get a face full of cream pie.

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