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i´ll tell you later.........

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MelindaWinn said on 26/10/09 1:29 AM

hey I am married so I can be our friend will that be alright with you,I am 40 and my husband is 35 and were best friends so I am on here looking for a good friend not like my husband a regular friend and I hope you will be it

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honeyma said on 01/12/12 10:56 PM

You still look the same you have not change a bit and how is your brother since the last time we have talk,i´m abt to move to new york,ny let stay in touch with one another what i want to know do you still have yahoo because i´m alway on there if you like here is my email address for you to contact me sexy an i would like to really talk to you.i hope we can be best friend an catch up where we left off an you still in my heart so for take care untill i here from you.i will be checking my yahoo mail see have you wrote an i will write you back.

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honeyma said on 02/12/13 1:21 PM

I want us to keep in touch with one another i want to know is you back in the state you an your brother i love to know what have you been upto since it have been a long time conversion with me so now i would like to here from you all the for now take care my friend.

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