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Community Guidelines

These Community Guidelines and our Terms of Use are here to ensure that every user can enjoy MyDailyFlog safely and responsibly.


MyDailyFlog Do's

  • Do upload only Your own photos
    We take copyrights very seriously. If you don't own the rights to a photo, please don't post it. Also uploading other people’s photos to your MyDailyFlog page is disrespectful and, in many cases, it’s against the law
  • Do respect other users
    We're a very diverse community. This means that respect for other people's beliefs and property must be made a top priority
  • Do follow the guidelines
    Please don't make us constantly have to warn you about not following our guidelines. Consistent breaking of site rules will result in your profile being deleted
  • Do spread MyDailyFlog across the web
    Share your MyDailyFlog photos and with all your friends and the world. Post them on your other web pages and post your links in emails and forums. Let everyone know about our great community
  • Do share your life with the world
    Our site allows you to tell the world about yourself and your work. Take complete advantage of MyDailyFlog!

MyDailyFlog Do Not's

  • Don't upload nudity or sexual content
    We certainly agree that some of the most artistic and beautiful images in the world contain nudity – but MyDailyFlog isn’t the place for them. No naked breasts, no naked crotches, no naked butts, no provocative lingerie or underwear – even if it’s in a drawing. Also no images that contain gore, blood, injuries, violence or images that promote hate or discrimination against other people
  • Don't verbally abuse other users
    You should behave the same way on our site, as you would in real life. Treat people as if you were talking to them face to face
  • Don't post obscene language
    Not in your username, the title of your MyDailyFlog page, your photo captions, your guestbook messages, etc.
  • Don't do anything illegal on our site
    If you do, we will not be amused, and will be happy to report you to the proper authorities.
  • Don’t SPAM other guestbooks. That includes:
    Repeated requests to people you don’t know to visit your MyDailyFlog page or add you to their friends list.
    Chain letters. Trust us when we say you will absolutely NOT be run over by a bus because you don’t spread that chain letter to 10 more guestbooks in the next 24 hours.
    Marketing messages for your non-MyDailyFlog websites and businesses.

We are constantly working on new functionality that will allow you to protect your MyDailyFlog page from unwanted participation by other people, but remember – it’s the Internet. You’re sharing your photos in a public forum. You have to expect other people to do or say things you don’t always agree with.

And please also think twice before you send us that email that says “I demand justice because so-and-so called me a melon-head” – there’s not much we can do and it distracts our team from taking care of legitimate problems.

If you break the rules, we will be forced to deactivate your MyDailyFlog page and any other MyDailyFlog page you might have.

Once again: other MyDailyFlog members are human beings and have feelings – please respect each other! And, have fun being part of the world’s greatest photo-blogging community.