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Gene Williams

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Remember me
66 year old, man from United States
About Me and My Life
Freelance writer, editor and photographer in the Arizona desert. I welcome new friends, but am a little picky. If requesting to be a Friend, please tell me why. A note like "I read your profile and we sound like a good match," tells me that you haven´t read it, and you´re just another scammer. I´m married 41 years, NOT looking for a "soul mate," NOT here to hook up.
My Interests/Hobbies
My animals, including a giant tortoise, music, ham radio, bread baking - of course, writing and photography
Favourite Books
my own, of course!
Favourite Movies
Favourite Music/Album/Song
for today, Kansas. for tomorrow ... anything but (c)rap
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Sports
In my youth, I boxed Golden Gloves and taught judo and taekwon-do.
Scared of
Happiest When