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escick said on 11/04/14 4:49 AM

After we met, said our hellos, and started on a walk through a park, Eddie asked me, "Did you bring me anything?" "Like a gift?" I asked. "Yeah." "No." "Really?" "Yes. Do people usually bring you gifts on dates?" He said, "All the time." We were approaching a few stores. "Maybe you can grab me something up here." I suggested, "How about we just enjoy each other´s company?" He said, "That´s not a gift." We sat down to a casual lunch at a cafe and he asked me twice if I´d pay for it. I had to ask him, "Are you giving me a gift? This all sounds a little one-sided." He laughed and said, "Men have given gifts to women for hundreds of millions of years. Least one of you can do is return the favor. But I guess you fail that test." I took the high road, paid only for myself, and "had someplace to be" and took off.

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escick said on 11/04/14 4:49 AM

I had a new car and I took it out on my date with Kay. It wasn´t anything too fancy (a Toyota) but I was still pretty proud to have it, and we talked about it a little bit at dinner. "Can I see it?" Kay asked. I told her that after dinner, we could do just that. She seemed really interested in it, asking me to pop the hood, checking the wheel wells, and revving the engine. Once she was done and we stood outside the car, she then pulled out her keys and said, "Can I key it?" I wasn´t sure if I heard her correctly. "As in... scratch it? Scratch my car?" She said, "Yeah. It´s good luck on a new car, isn´t it?" I said, "Not even in the slightest. No one does that." She said, "My brother´s girlfriend did it to two of his cars. He asked her to. If you don´t want me to I won´t, but it´s good luck you´ll be missing out on." "I´ve never heard of that before. No one keys cars for good luck." "My brother does. Twice." "No thank you." She bade me a hasty goodbye not long after that. The experience was a little weird, but maybe she was just clueless. Anyway, when I reached out to her for a second date, she wrote back, "If you´re too stupid to accept good luck when it´s offered, then it makes me hesitate to go out with you again. I hope you understand." So no second date. Good luck and an unscratched car for me, after all.

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escick said on 11/04/14 4:50 AM

Rodney was riding in my car on our second date. We had just seen Skyfall and were on our way to a pub for some late-night appetizers and drinks. I had a half dozen CDs sandwiched between the front seats. He pulled them out and flipped through them. "Put in anything you want," I told him. As I drove along, he looked through the stack a few times. Then he placed them on his lap, opened his window, and threw them all out. I nearly slammed on the brakes, but I yelled, "What did you do?" and pulled over. He sat there like nothing was wrong. I said, "Go and pick them up!" We hadn´t been traveling fast and they were probably not far behind us off the side of the road. "Uh... no," he said, "It´s not my fault your taste in music sucks. You should thank me." I screamed, "Pick them up or get the hell out of my car!" "No." I turned the car off. We were a few miles from anywhere he wanted to be. And I had all night. After a few moments, he sighed heavily and said, "Can we go and pick them up together?" I said, "I didn´t throw them out of my car. You threw them, you pick them up." "It´s dark out. I don´t even know where they are." I didn´t say anything, choosing to sit in silence until he took the hint. He left the car for a minute, paced back and forth, and pretended to look. In all honesty, I hadn´t expected him to find anything, as the side of the road was full of trees and (as he said) dark. Despite that, I expected him to at least take me seriously, instead of just pacing ar

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