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sonny80's Last photo

sonny80 said on 04/12/13 4:18 PM

mmm nice

gtplenty4u's Last photo

gtplenty4u said on 05/12/13 3:25 AM

Nice looking lady

hoochipap's Last photo

hoochipap said on 05/12/13 3:32 AM

Hey didn´t you used to go by tinylittle47?

michaeldio's Last photo

michaeldio said on 05/12/13 5:07 AM

you got a nicpice

Gentlerichford's Last photo

Gentlerichford said on 06/12/13 9:02 AM

Hello Pretty, how are you doing today...... can i please tell you a little about me? My name is Richard a widow, I am easy going down to the world self determined, I like the beach things and I also go for adventures, I love traveling too, I am a project manager in constructions and in estate management, i´m looking for a woman to share and spend the rest of my life with, you can kindly get back to me here or send me a mail on or better still add me on yahoo so we can chat better,, text number (530) 436-5538. My regards.............

Dan1968's Last photo

Dan1968 said on 12/12/13 11:39 AM

Hello Friend,how was your day,well i come across your profile and i do smile while going through it...Well with what i read about you i will like to known you more better than this if you don´t mind....Well i will like to tell you little about me..My name is Dan waldrop,i am 50 years old,i am a widower with one son,and i am self employed.....So i believe with little about me you will able to know who i am...i will like to go further with you if you don´t mind...You can get back to me if you care to know more about me....(

twentfishen's Last photo

twentfishen said on 12/12/13 11:57 AM

I like,,,, hope to chat sometime,,,

essy3000's Last photo

essy3000 said on 15/12/13 10:55 AM

( ) My name is Esther, am a girl looking for a good friend, i hope that you will welcome my humble request with good heart, you can have my private e-mail address below and write to me to my e-mail address and i will send you more of my pictures, just feel free and contact me with my private e-mail address below and we will talk very well and even know our selves very well ( ) thanks and take good care of your self. God bless.

BlessedDick's Last photo

BlessedDick said on 31/12/13 6:53 AM

Beloved,Never forget that this world is not your home.. As a pilgrim who belongs to another country, you are just simply passing through. Hence, nothing is permanent or forever."I am a stranger in the earth..." (read-Ps 119:19).Surrender All To Jesus.Hear Him,I will unburden you, I will forgive you, I will not blame you, I will only love you, I love all those who fall and come to Me asking for forgiveness, I love them still more. I will never reject them even if they fall millions of times, I will be there to forgive them and wash in My Blood their iniquities, never will I weary in pardoning them for I am a God of Love and Mercy, I am full of pity for the weak.(read-John-3-3-18)read what 16-17 says, My Heart is Holy and an abyss of Forgiveness. Don´t allow any cares troubles, anxieties, or plans to snuff out the Word in your heart and mind. Lay them at the feet of Jesus and leave them there. He can handle them - He´s God."I have declared my ways, and Thou heardest me..." (read-Ps 119:26,John-10-10-30).Reject 666"(read-Bible-Revelation-13-8-18) 9,Says He who has an ear,let him hear.Think of it.

bluesguy757's Last photo

bluesguy757 said on 04/01/14 4:33 PM

what´s under that shirt ???? something(s) nice I´ll bet

godownonyou's Last photo

godownonyou said on 28/05/14 2:32 AM

hello how are yu doing today dear

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