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Hong Kong Lesbian T-girl Boylady Shirley

Hong Kong Lesbian T-girl Boylady Shirley My name is Shirley. I am a Chinese natural hermaphrodite. My girlfriends call me a t-girl or transsexual woman. I have two natural feminine small breasts and a degenerated small penis. My labia, clitoris, vagina, uterus and ovary were all cut off when I was a little child because my father preferred to have a son rather than a daughter. My parents did not wish to let my relatives know that I was a shemale. They told my relatives that I was undergone a surgery of hernia instead of a surgery of sex correction. When I was a child, my mother and I lived in Beijing, the capital of China. My father seldom lived with us. Now I am living in Hong Kong by myself. I can speak fluent Putonghua and Cantonese as well as some English. Although my countenance looks like a man rather than a woman when I clear off the feminine makeups on my face, I do not know why my body looks like a woman more than a man. My breasts are much bigger than a normal man. When I am wearing men ensemble, my mammae protrude out so much that they look nearly like a woman. I feel embarrassing in front of men. When I was a child, I lived like a girl. My mother told me that, since I have been born, she dressed me as a girl because she wished to have a daughter. I knew nothing about sex at that time. I was just wearing dresses and playing with girls in my childhood. All my friends were girls. Later, I was told about gender. Since then, I was obliged to wear as a boy no matter I was at home, in schooling or going outside. I felt very painful. At that time, when I was staying alone at home, I searched for female clothings and ornaments to put on myself. I felt very comfortable ! As I grow up, I am a lesbian. I like wearing Chinese qipao and female traditional wears. I have to wear man's clothings in public places, otherwise, there will be lots of trouble. At home, I always dress like a woman. I feel comfortable when I am wearing woman's dress. T-girl Shirley's website: T-girl Shirley's website: T-girl Shirley's website: T-girl Shirley's website: T-girl Shirley's website: T-girl Shirley's e-mail address: T-girl Shirley's MSN: T-girl Shirley's DailyMotion: T-girl Shirley's Pornhub Broadcast Channel: Member of Hong Kong T-girl Boylady Shirley (Shirley Lu): Member of Hong Kong Lesbian Shemale Boylady Shirley (HKLSBS): Member of Friends of Boylady Shirley (FBS) Member of Lesbian T-girl Boylady Shirley (LTBS) Member of Qipao Bondage Photography (QBP) Member of Shemale Mistress Shirley Loves Submissive Girls (SMSLSG) Member of Sexy Lesbian Ladyboy Shirley (SLLBS) Member of Hong Kong Lesbian Circle (HKLC) Member of SM Lady's Paradise (SMLP) Member of Love Submissive SM Girls (LSSMGS) Member of Binding T-girl

Guestbook Messages (21)

atef5's Last photo

atef5 said on 18/09/11 9:42 AM

hi I want to be a friend love u 0020146130616

bonfry's Last photo

bonfry said on 20/11/11 1:25 PM

Hello dear, How are you doing? I saw your picture and took interested on you. I would like to be a friend, may be our compatibility would be unveiled as we progresses. Give me your email id so that I can tell you more about myself. Take care.

christmorgan's Last photo

christmorgan said on 14/03/12 5:17 PM

Hello,hw are u ? am chris morgan.wann know you more and better for a good .............. will like to add u on skype, here is my skype name: christopher.morgan59. my messenger id is kindly add me, for good chat. nice meeting you. chris morgan. you look lovely. Kisssssss.

blessingU's Last photo

blessingU said on 09/08/12 2:41 PM

Hello Dearest friend How are you and your health ,hope fine. My name is Blessing i came across your profile today and i like it and i will like us to be friends and lovers, for it does not matter distance nor language for what matters most is love and if you are interested i will like you to write me with my email address so that we can know each other better and at the same time i will show you my pictures .Here is my email address ( to hear from you soon bye . with best regard Blessing

anna4u22's Last photo

anna4u22 said on 05/09/12 6:39 AM

Hi Dearest, Kind regards, I am anna,tall,slim,fair,and a very good looking girl that loves travelling and dancing, a student,that loves to be loved,kindly permit my contacting you through this medium I am compelled to contact you via this medium for obvious reasons which you will understand when we discuss details of my proposition.Pls i will like you to reply to me through my mail address, so that we will know each other very well,i am looking forward to your positive confirmation to enable us have an important discussion then we will start from there which will include my introduction,i will send my pics later. Thanks and God bless, anna.

tephine1's Last photo

tephine1 said on 15/10/12 2:29 PM


carymylove's Last photo

carymylove said on 29/11/12 5:16 AM

──── ´─▀█████▀─▀█████▀ ─▄█████▄─▄█████▄ ▐▀░▀████████████- ▐█▄█████████████- ─▀█████████████▀- ▄█ hello nice to meet you, My name is miss Abena,i am 24 years old girl, You can reach me via e-mail bellow.(abena.adura01 I´ll give you my picture and tell you more about myself. Abena kiss you. Have a good day. kiss me back. abena.adura01 at y a h o

carymylove's Last photo

carymylove said on 29/11/12 5:20 AM

──── ´─▀█████▀─▀█████▀ ─▄█████▄─▄█████▄ ▐▀░▀████████████- ▐█▄█████████████- ─▀█████████████▀- ▄█ hello nice to meet you, My name is miss Abena,i am 24 years old girl, You can reach me via e-mail bellow.(abena.adura01 I´ll give you my picture and tell you more about myself. Abena kiss you. Have a good day. kiss me back. abena.adura01 at y a h o

loveth1001's Last photo

loveth1001 said on 20/12/12 8:59 AM

Hi, I am miss Loveth by name,Is my pleasure to contact you after going through your profile at which really interest me in having communication with you. I will appreciate if you can write me back ( ) for easiest communication and to know more about each other so that i will explain myself to you and also send my picture to you. Take care and have a nice day. I await hearing from you soonest. Yours truly Loveth

anabelsixtyoo's Last photo

anabelsixtyoo said on 22/01/13 1:31 PM

Hello my dear, my name is Anabel, i am beautiful and romantic young girl, i was searching for a good friend and i came across your profile in ( my heart told me to stop and know what you have for me, please can we be friend? please contact me back via e-mail( so that i can send you my picture and also tell you more about my self but remember the distance or colour does not matter but love matters a lot in life,Please reply direct with my email address here( for further communication my regards. Love and Kiss from Anabel please reply me direct to my Email ( not in the site ( please Thank you so much ❤══██══██══██══█████══█████═══ ❤ ❤══██═██═══════██═════██══════ ❤ ❤══███═════██══█████══█████═══ ❤ ❤══██─██═══██═════██═════██═══ ❤ ❤══██──██══██═════██═════██═══ ❤ ❤══██═══██═██══█████══█████═══ ❤ ❤═════════════════════════════ ❤ ❤══█████══█████══█████════════ ❤ ❤══██═════█═══█══██══█════════ ❤ ❤══██═════█═══█══██══█════════ ❤ ❤══████═══█═══█══████═════════ ❤ ❤══██═════█═══█══██═██════════ ❤ ❤══██═════█═══█══██══██═══════ ❤ ❤══██═════█████══██═══██══════ ❤ ❤═════════════════════════════ ❤ ❤══███═══███══█████══█══██════ ❤ ❤═══██═══██═══█═══█══█══██════ ❤ ❤════██═██════█═══█══█══██════ ❤ ❤══════█══════█═══█══█══██════ ❤ ❤══════█══════█═══█══█══██════ ❤ ❤══════█══════█████══█████════ ❤ ❤═════════════════════════════ ❤ ❤══════██████═════██████══════ ❤ ❤════█████████═══█████████════ ❤ ❤══████████████═████████████══ ❤ ❤═███████████████████████████═ ❤ ❤═███████████████████████████═ ❤ ❤══█████████████████████████══ ❤ ❤═══███████████████████████═══ ❤ ❤═════███████████████████═════ ❤

robertanderson's Last photo

robertanderson said on 27/05/13 9:57 AM

Dear friend I am Mr Robert Anderson a solicitor at law personal attorney to Engineer Carlos a national of your country, who work with shell petroleum company as chief engineer and contractor here in Lome Togo west African. Here in after shall be referred to as my client. and it happen that the man registered to me as his personal attorney. unfortunately the man died in a motor accident which happened on 31st October 2008, all occupants of the motor accident unfortunately lost there lives. Since then I have made several inquiries to your embassy here to locate any of my clients extended relatives, this has also proved unsuccessful. After these several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to track his last name over the Internet, to locate any member of his family hence i contacted you. I have contacted you to assist in repatriating the fund valued of (US$20.5,000,000.00) Twenty Million Five Hundred Thousand united states dollars left behind by my late client before it gets confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank where this huge amount were deposited. The said bank has issued me a notice to provide the next of kin or have his account confiscated within the next one month official working days. Since I have been unsuccessfully in locating any of his relatives for over 5years now, I seek the consent to present you as the next of kin to the deceased since you have the same last name, so that the proceeds of this account can be paid to you.therefore, on receipt of your positive response, we shall then discuss the sharing ratio and modalities for transfer. I have some necessary information and legal documents needed to back you up for claim. All I require from you is your honest co-operation to enable us see this transaction through. I guarantee that this will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law, As soon as you give me your hands of co-operation, In your next mail I will want you to present to me with these details below so that a draft of the reconciliation form or application form will be sent to you by me which you will tender to the finance firm, Please my dear if you are not interested in this transaction don´t reply me OK. Contact me on my private email The details are as follows? 1. Your full names ......................... .. 2. Date of birth ........................ 3. Full contact address .......... (Home & Office) 4. Private telephone numbers ....................... 5. Fax numbers ................ 6. Marital situation ....................... 7. Occupation .................. ....... 8. Country ......................... 9. Your yahoo,hotmail or gmail email address for easy communication ............. Best Regards, Dear teman Saya Bapak Robert Anderson seorang pengacara di hukum pengacara pribadi Engineer Carlos warga negara dari negara Anda, yang bekerja dengan shell perusahaan minyak sebagai chief engineer dan kontraktor di sini di Lome Togo Afrika barat. Di sini, di setelah akan disebut sebagai klien saya. dan itu terjadi bahwa orang terdaftar untuk saya sebagai pengacara pribadinya. sayangnya orang meninggal dalam kecelakaan bermotor yang terjadi pada 31 Oktober 2008, semua penghuni kecelakaan motor yang sayangnya hilang ada kehidupan. Sejak itu saya telah membuat beberapa pertanyaan ke kedutaan Anda di sini untuk mencari salah satu klien saya kerabat diperpanjang, ini juga telah terbukti tidak berhasil. Setelah ini beberapa kali gagal, saya memutuskan untuk melacak nama terakhir melalui Internet, untuk mencari setiap anggota keluarganya maka saya menghubungi Anda. Saya telah menghubungi Anda untuk membantu pemulangan dana terhormat (US $ 20.5,000,000.00) Dua puluh Juta Lima Ratus Ribu united states dolar ditinggalkan oleh klien saya terlambat sebelum jadi disita atau dinyatakan cadang tersebut oleh bank di mana jumlah ini besar diendapkan. Bank tersebut telah mengeluarkan saya pemberitahuan untuk memberikan keluarga terdekat atau memiliki account-nya disita dalam satu bulan ke depan resmi hari kerja. Karena saya telah gagal dalam menemukan salah satu kerabat nya selama lebih dari 5 tahun sekarang, saya mencari persetujuan untuk hadir Anda sebagai saudara terdekat dengan almarhum sejak Anda memiliki nama belakang yang sama, sehingga hasil akun ini dapat dibayarkan kepada you.therefore, pada penerimaan respon positif Anda, kami akan kemudian mendiskusikan rasio berbagi dan modalitas untuk transfer. Saya punya beberapa informasi yang diperlukan dan dokumen hukum yang diperlukan untuk mendukung Anda untuk klaim. Yang saya butuhkan dari Anda adalah jujur ​​Anda kerjasama untuk memungkinkan kita melihat transaksi ini melalui. Saya menjamin bahwa ini akan dijalankan di bawah pengaturan yang sah yang akan melindungi Anda dari setiap pelanggaran hukum, Segera setelah Anda memberi saya tangan Anda kerjasama, Dalam surat berikutnya saya akan ingin Anda untuk menyajikan kepada saya dengan rincian di bawah ini sehingga rancangan bentuk rekonsiliasi atau formulir aplikasi akan dikirim kepada Anda oleh saya yang Anda akan tender untuk perusahaan keuangan, Silakan sayangku jika Anda tidak tertarik dalam transaksi ini tidak menjawab saya OK. Hubungi saya di email pribadi saya Rinciannya adalah sebagai berikut? 1. Nama lengkap Anda ......................... .. 2. Tanggal lahir ........................ 3. Alamat kontak penuh .......... (Rumah & Kantor) 4. Nomor telepon pribadi ....................... 5. Nomor faks ................ 6. Situasi perkawinan ....................... 7. Pekerjaan .................. ....... 8. Negara ......................... 9. Yahoo Anda, hotmail atau alamat email gmail untuk memudahkan komunikasi ............. Best Regards,

sherri2222222222's Last photo

sherri2222222222 said on 22/11/13 5:52 PM

Dear Sir, Is my pleasure to write you this day.I am from USA.I write you this mail hoping to know more about you because i need your help.Please get back to me on my private email so i can write you details about me and how i want you to help me ( I wait for your fast respond. Regard, sherri gallagher.

han124's Last photo

han124 said on 22/11/13 6:27 PM

My name is madam hanan abdulhaleem i want to discussed an important issue which we can not discussed here because this is site i need your email so that we can talk private or you contact me on my mail ( ) waiting for urgent reply as i said before let me have your email or you contact me direct to my mail

JessicaBahi's Last photo

JessicaBahi said on 09/12/13 6:09 AM

Hello dear My name is Jessica i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will also like to know you more, and if you can send an email to my email address,i will give you my pictures here is my email address ( ) I believe we can move from here! Awaiting for your mail to my email address above. Jessica. Please email meon ( for mor ecommunications.

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veronica_sharma said on 28/02/14 3:33 AM

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ban226's Last photo

ban226 said on 15/04/14 7:04 PM

(bianca_abdi @ hotmail .com) hello how are you today?i hope you are doing great? I looked through your profile and decided to write you this message to inform you that i am interested to be your friend,and knowing more about you to help us build a strong relationship which is base on love,trust and understanding, and i will like you to write me through my email at (

stellalove007's Last photo

stellalove007 said on 14/05/14 9:38 AM

My name is Ms Stella Joubert It pleases me to write you for friendship through this site though we have not met or seen each other before. I´m interested in your profile and you are the kind of person i can share my private issue with. Please contact me Let us talk privately at my e-mail ID: ( I will send my pictures to you as soon as i receive your reply in my private e-mail box. Yours, Stella. (

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MrsCathy's Last photo

MrsCathy said on 27/07/14 2:43 PM

I am sorry my English is not too Good, My name Is Mrs Cathy Francis i was born on October 16, 1965 i am a native of France. I had to contact you this way because I want to make a very important thing.It will seem a little suspect though true that you do not know me and I do not know you. I suffer from a brain cancer that is terminally ill, my doctor just informed me that my days are numbered because of my health deteriorated. According to my Dr.justified a ball moves currently in my brain cage, I have this disease for more than 4 years. I am a widow and I have no children. I plan to donate all my possessions. I also sold my business with a company to export wood in Canada where I live for almost 28 years,part of that money will be donated to various associations and centers for orphans and the homeless . I do not know in what field of work you perform but I want to help you. I have now in my personal account blocked account, the sum of $ 5 Million dollars that I keep for a construction project. I´ll give you rigged this money can help you in your business, I beg you to accept this because it is a gift that I made and without asking anything in return.I suffer a lot and I am very afraid, I can almost not sleep at night as during the day because I do not want to die without having donated all the money other wise I think it would be a gift. Please contact me as soon as possible if you agree to my me at my direct email: Cathy Francis

brightlight3017's Last photo

brightlight3017 said on 30/07/14 3:42 AM

hello my good friend, i am mr samson kimoo the manager of a bank in Africa. we have some funds in the amount of US$9,500,000.00 that needs re profiling and change of destination . these funds became available after one of our bank customer died and nobody has come to claim his money which is a balance of US$9,500,000.00 for a long time now. i am contacting you to cooperate with me and present you as the relative of this customer so that we can process the claims and wire the funds in your name and i come over to your country and we share the money 25% to you and 75% to me (or we can negotiate it.) if we do not do this the bank will transfer the money to the public treasury and our corrupt government officials will spend the money for themselves. this customer was a foreigner so it will be easy to have you write to the bank as the late customer next of kin or relative. our bank is in Ghana and i will inform you the late customer name, the account number,bank name and all details to make the success. i will inform you what to write to the bank and give you all the details for you and me to succeed in this business. we only need a foreigner like you and a bank account to succeed this business. if you have an account that can process this transfer then email quickly to me so i will give you more details. after me and you build trust then you will be happy and i will be happy. reply me your full names and address and telephone number and account details to thank you, samson kimoo

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