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Cedar Rapids,Ia, United States


Cedar Rapids,Ia, United States

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bebe20 said on 17/11/13 12:32 AM

( Hello, My name is Miss Zena Kamara, I came across your profile today and It was so good to me. So i decided to stop on it and let you know that i am interested to have a friendship with you. Please contact me at my email address ( ) I believe if you contact me, i will give you a full introduction of my self ,I know age or sex will not be a bearer to our Friendship, write to me on ( and i will send you my pictures. beside there is something very important i will like to tell you when you contact me, Please I don´t chat, just write to me on my email address and i will respond to you. waiting to hear from you. Zena NOTE... DO NOT REPLY BACK IN THIS SITE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED YOU HAVE TO CONTACT ME BACK THROUGH THE EMAIL ABOVE FOR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE OK.

Hamada955's Last photo

Hamada955 said on 19/11/13 12:34 PM

Welcome dear Toni .. So glad to know you .

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JessicaBahi said on 20/11/13 8:23 AM

Hello dear My name is Jessica i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will also like to know you more,and if you can send an email to my email address,i will give you my pictures here is my email address ( ) I believe we can move from here! Awaiting for your mail to my email address above.Jessica. Please email meon ( for more communications.

anitababbby's Last photo

anitababbby said on 06/12/13 7:26 AM

Hi dear My name is Anita sary 24 years old, i am seeking for a honest and sincere partner for long lasting relationship Do you think age, color or distance is any bar to make such friendly relationship with you? If not, then stretch out your hand and accept mine, then reply me back through this email ID

beata_rez's Last photo

beata_rez said on 09/01/14 3:15 AM

Hallo Toni! Pls dont waste your time with chat to woman in my age. I wish you good luck and I know you will soon find someone younger. It is better for every communication. Greetings Beata

lovebab20's Last photo

lovebab20 said on 11/01/14 6:02 AM

Hello. I am miss mamuna by name i was so much happy when going true your profile you look nice,please if i may ask you? can will be friend? IF yes this is my email i am waiting for your reply in my email now for more talk. Reply me here Yours mamuna.

suzzybaby40's Last photo

suzzybaby40 said on 01/02/14 3:49 PM

Hello, how are you doing today? i hope all is well. My name is miss suzzy, In search of a man who understand the meaning of love as Trust and faith in each other rather than one who sees love as the only way of fun,my ((suzzy200me(@)(yahoo)(mail)(dot)(com))) but a matured Man with Nice Vision of what the world is all about, i will be more happy if you write me back true my mail private email address so that i will send you more of my picture,thanks have a lovely day. suzzy200me@/y/a/h/o/o/,/d/o/t/c/o/m;

anitababbby's Last photo

anitababbby said on 04/02/14 6:50 AM

hi dear, how are you today i hope fine i wish to be your friend i Really like your profile here i have something Important to tell you please kindly contact me to my email ( i will also send my photos to you and details about myself,Anita

SirObey's Last photo

SirObey said on 19/02/14 10:24 AM

Understand this: Jesus Christ doesn´t invite us "U and I" to follow Him because we believe in Him.He invites us to follow Him because He believes in us! He says,Follow me and I will make you.He knows what we can become when His grace touches our lives.Matthew,a Jew,collected taxes for the Romans who enslaved his people.In their eyes he was lower than scum.Yet Christ Jesus called him and he end up writing the first book in the New Testament. When Nathaniel was invited to meet Christ Jesus he was downright sceptical."can...any good thing come out of Nazareth?"Phillip saith unto him,"come and see"(read-john-1-46).So come as you are, Christ Jesus said ´ I will pray the Father,and he shall give you Holy Spirit a comforter.(read-john-14-16) Come with your self-righeous or sordid past. Come,even though you wonder if He con do what He promises.Let His power and presence rub off on you...What do you have to lose? you have tried your ways and it didn´t work,now try His way.Come.You won´t be disappointed!(read-mark-10-13-22,ps-37-32-40). DEAR FRIEND, I know something so wonderful that I must tell you! its so vital that it may change your entire future As it did mine."I myself was one of the internet fraud stars in fact a destroyer,deceiver,drunker, the list goes on and on.the world is in a mess because of sin.!REPENT TODAY.please reply or call +22891278809. I would like to pray with you and be your friend. God is mindful of you! (Psalms 8:4-5)Be blessed.Amen.

Angela2love's Last photo

Angela2love said on 13/04/14 9:46 PM HELLO MY LOVELY ONE my name is Angela,i saw your profile at and i became interested please can you write me through my Email address hear( that i can give you my picture and tell you more about me lovely from Angela kamara (

queengolove1234's Last photo

queengolove1234 said on 06/05/14 7:50 PM

Hello i saw your profile here and i liked it i will like to know more about you please write me back via( so i can send you my pictures and tell you more about myself i will be waiting to hear from you soonest

lifes2life's Last photo

lifes2life said on 24/10/14 1:51 AM

Hello dear friend, Am searching new friends from around the world to introduce my savior Lord Jesus Christ. See, No good news in this world. We too live at a time when all is going wrong and all seems rapidly to be getting worse and worse. The threat of war and war in between neigbahore countries, HIV, Ebola virus attack, global warming, natural calamity, the shrinking ozone layer, skyrocketing, medical costs, increasing insecurity of social welfare systems, crooked politics, immorality of all descriptions, violence. Broken family life. No peace and hope in personal life, separation and divorcing continuing no secure in family life. The list seems endless no secure at anywhere, fear of death everywhere, no peace in life to anybody but God has good news for you. That good news build people up, refreshes, binds the broken hearts, frees captives, comforts mourns. Jesus loves you and wants to deliver from your hopeless, isolated, rejected situation. Trust in Him. He died as substitute for your sin and punishment Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. He will save you from sin and eternal perish. Convict, confess your sin, commit your life to Jesus Christ, and accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior and Lord, become child of God. Where you spend your eternity? THINK! IF YOU NEED PRAYER LET ME KNOW. God bless you.

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