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Snow Time At Our House

Happy Wynnsday everyone. If you´ve been wondering what is going on lately, they must be transitioning to the new owners. Got this msg in my email today.................Hi Gooboo23! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> We are excited to announce that the MyDailyFlog website has been acquired by Spreadia! This means a lot of good news for all MyDailyFlog users, so stay tuned as they are comming up within the next few weeks! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> What is Spreadia? is a place to discover and share what´s new about everything in the world! Check out Spreadia at: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kind Regards, — The MyDailyFlog Team

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violet0707's Last photo

violet0707 said on 29/12/10 12:13 PM

Hello Wynn, .. looks Erin & the dogs playing in the snow, very happy;.... very difficult today MyDailyFlog Internet site, I also received a notification letter in the December 22, .. have a nice day.

de1764's Last photo

de1764 said on 29/12/10 6:13 PM

Wow, it must be cold outside! Well...that will be a good news then--hope no more scammers around this site. Have a warm Wednesday night.

de1764's Last photo

de1764 said on 29/12/10 6:22 PM

heehe, just checking again; I thought I was commenting on Matt´s page!! Don´t freeze tonight---we will miss you. Have a joyful-snowy-Wynnsday.

Aamiska's Last photo

Aamiska said on 29/12/10 6:50 PM

Wrocław też zasypało...

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