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Yes We Got Snow

Erin & the dogs cavorting in the front yard. Actually the snow has dry & powdery..can´t get a snow ball to stick together, much less a snowman. Now that weather is warming & there´s been some melt, maybe we can try that again!!

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violet0707's Last photo

violet0707 said on 28/12/10 10:11 AM

Hello Wynn, .. good upload, looks like a great snow, Ah, the dog will not be cold? sitting in the snow, ... have a nice day.

de1764's Last photo

de1764 said on 28/12/10 4:13 PM

Happy Tuesday to you. Glad Erin is with you guys and what a happy feeling that must be. Nice capture of Erin and the babies in the snow! Wow, it must be really cold in your place. I had wonderful Christmas. Before Christmas, we went to Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas to see the Shark Reef. That was fun.

pen_24sotoyahooc's Last photo

pen_24sotoyahooc said on 28/12/10 6:12 PM

Hello WYNN :-D Sorry I didn´t leave a message because I´m A hurry and don´t have much time to use my pc lol....take care and advance HAPPY NEW YEAR. ;-D

pen_24sotoyahooc's Last photo

pen_24sotoyahooc said on 28/12/10 11:03 PM

WYNN,someone used my picture I need your help please look

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