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My young friend

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biancacee said on 20/08/11 1:34 PM

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babyklo said on 30/10/11 3:20 PM

Hello My name is Favour, i saw your profile today and became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and if you can send an email to my email address,i will give you my pictures here is my email address ( I believe we can move from here! Awaiting for your mail to my email address above Favour.(Remeber the distance love matters alot in life)

roselove2028's Last photo

roselove2028 said on 09/01/12 4:32 AM

مرحبا، كيف حالك؟ أتمنى أن تكون على ما يرام، وأنا سينثيا فتاة جميلة، وأنا أبحث عن شخص يمكن الاعتماد عليها والوثوق في هذا وأعتقد أننا يمكن أن تعرف، يرجى تصل لي مرة أخرى هنا. عبر ( سينثي Hi, How are you ? hope you are doing well, I am Cynthia a lovely girl, I am looking for a reliable and trusted person in this . I believe we can get acquainted, please reach me back here. via ( Cynthia

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lovet99 said on 29/03/12 9:31 AM

hello My Dearest One My name is Miss Lovet William Bizimungu,I am single,23yrs not yet married,like i told you in my previous mail ,and How are you doing today? hope you are fine and in good condition of health. l am very far from you, and i know that distance can never be of any hinderance to a geniue love not to grow BUT i think it is very necessary that i let you know more about me because it is very important,that l let you know about me well, l am a Hutu orign of Rwanda, l am currently residing here in dakar senegal which is in West Africa.i dont have a phone number with me here but i will try to get & give you the phone number of the Revrend here in the camp that is incharge of our hostel so that you can call me through there if you wish,but that will be on your next mail to me.I believe that this may not supprrise you but what l am telling you is my i have read your mail,which i know that God will help us,and please it does not matter of your age ok. Please could you grant me a favour, i did not known well how to tell you these, i am miss Lovet William Bizimungu, the only daughter to late Colonel. William Bizimungu in the Rwandan armed forces and once an ex-minister in Rwanda who was later killed during the problem in Rwanda with my mother and my only brother because we were moderate hutus who never supported our ethnic violent hutus against our brother tutsis. Now i am in dakar senegal under refugee because after the death of my parents, my uncle started to persecute me about my fathers properties ´ which he later snatched from me under threatening. Now there is nothing i can do than to run for my life which is very important to me now i am in critical condition,some one to be under refugee! to compare with senegal where things are very hard´ every thing is high. Now i have decided to get married by this my age while i supose to be in school by now but nothing i can do because i can not go into prostitution. And the only thing that makes me to feel happy at times is that my father left the sum of ($4.2 Million us dallar) in the finance house which i am the only person that is aware of it as the next of kin´ that is called family treadure, Like what l will like to know if you can be able to stand and have it cleared on our behalf,l knows that you may ask me,how do l know if you can be able to do this but,l am telling you this in confident because you have spoken your heart through your mail as l have read it and there is a confident in me that l should tell you this without wasting much time as am hoping that things will work between me and you In acheiving this I will like you to be aware that every documents to attestify for this is with me.please i want you to read this mail with free heart and try to put consideration into it for you to understand my situation for i need your help into this issue. Now the only things that i want from you is your contacts informations as to enable me to use it to write to the finance house and there by confirming them that you are my partner abroad.thanks and will be waiting for your respond towards my mail.have a nice day with love and kiss. Take Cares,

celinelove's Last photo

celinelove said on 16/11/12 8:50 AM

hi dear hi dear, how are you today? i hope fine i wish to be your friend as i really like your profile here please kindly contact me through my email id ( will also send you my photos and tell you more about my self yours friend celine

rabbicarlos's Last photo

rabbicarlos said on 25/11/12 4:14 AM

i am Florence 33 years And seriously here looking for the right hoinest serious Faithful real man to be with and no games no jokes thank you ....I am a tender woman and beautiful one. I am the best lady you have ever seen. I am a feminine, kind, tender and wise woman.I have not been married, but the experience that I have gained is like a good wine. It is requested to be kept for a while and when it is ready, you have to drink it.God bless you all If you are ready for this then come for it ...Lol

beehutchison's Last photo

beehutchison said on 16/04/13 8:22 AM

Hello My Dear, compliments of the day,I hope Ur doing fine over there,I would like to introduce myself to you,my name is beehutchison, it is my pleasure to write you after i have view your profile in which really interest me,to ask for friendship with you if you have the same desire with me so we can get to know each other better and see what will happened in me with my email, ( that i will send you my picture and also tell you more about me, Thanks and God bless you, ( me

kincess's Last photo

kincess said on 01/11/13 5:52 PM

Hello Dear, I´m,Kincess can we talk, i will want to get to know you better , Please feel free and contact me at:( I am an easy going and understanding Girl. I see friendship as a gift we give to ourselves Talk to u soon

favour4ulove's Last photo

favour4ulove said on 05/08/15 7:36 AM

Hello my name is favour, I will like to know you because i will like to be your friend,just send me an mail to ( that we can know each other i will be waiting to received your mail Thanks

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