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1alex said on 26/03/15 12:25 AM

Sometimes the better option is not to fight, but just walk away and diffuse the situation. Sometimes the need for peace in your life is much greater than the need to be right. Have a peaceful day!!!!

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slutnadja said on 26/03/15 5:46 AM

Hi :-)

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exposed said on 26/03/15 6:34 AM

I will sit on your face.

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roddyn said on 27/03/15 5:08 AM

I want to be enchanted by your beauty and youth. My email is private and I wait send me your pictures with a message that describes you as a woman and what you wish. I will respond the same.

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soola said on 29/03/15 4:33 PM

nice wow

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LINA211111 said on 29/03/15 7:34 PM

Hello My love My name is lina I am a single girl, never no married. i will like to be your good friend and i am interested in knowing you, Write back to me in my E-mail I D at ( ) so that i will give you full explanation of myself. and my picture, also i have something to tell you about me. Am Waiting for your quick reply Thanks from me, lina

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